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When we look at the Gregorian Alphabet, we obviously see only these 26 letters. 
(A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z). But when dividing the Alphabet into 3 different sections, "Three Laws", something amazing begins to be unveiled. Then, dividing that sequence of letters in half, drawing another half circle, exactly stops at the letter N. Then, dividing that sequence of letters in half a 3rd time with another half circle, because we have discovered the number 3 to be the first number in the "Pi Formula": Or, is this because 3 is directly connected to all Triangle's and Pyramid's? Hmmmm, This 3rd half circle, finally and exactly shows up at the letter T. (20th position). Now, when you have completed all 3 of the half circles, you can plainly see what is taking shape.
Now, lets talk about the letter T that is in the 20th position of the Alphabet. Within the second stage Gematria system, "Pi Sumeria", the letter T is equal to 120; And within the 3rd stage Gematria system, "Alphabets Code", the letter T is equal to the 1260. Now, in the Bible, the language of 1260 days, translates to a 3 1/2 year period of tribulation. So looking at both the first two numbers side by side, both Eye's can plainly see 20/120. Now, take another good look. What else do you see? By removing the /, both numbers now represent one number - 20120. Now I'm no Genius, but doesn't this number look like what the Mayan prophecy of 2012-day 0 represents? We are now coming up to the end of a 3 1/2 year period from when I started doing this. So, is this all a Coincidence, or are all these answers True Fact?? Well one thing is for sure, We know all about the Facts!! And if you believe in Coincidence, Well then, Primitive still resides within you!
Now, going another 2 steps further with yet another 2 half circles to equal the number of 5 half circles, because of May being the 5th month, I then divided those 2 sequence of letters in half, and ended up at the letter Q, and then ending up exactly between the letters of R and S.

The Mathematics of the Golden Ratio within the Alphabet:
There are exactly 26 letters within our Alphabet of A to Z. OK!
From A to M = 13 letters; and backwards from Z to N = 13 letters. OK!
From the letter N, moving forward half way, is the letter T. OK!
Then counting forward 6 letters from N, and counting backwards 6 letters from Z. OK!
Then half that letter sequence would be the letter Q. counting forwards 3 letters from N, and counting backwards 3 letters from T. OK!
Half of that sequence is between the letters R and S. Counting 1.5 from Q, and 1.5 from T. OK!
Looking at the numbers 1.5 backwards is 5.1 forwards.
5 is May, and 1 is First: Combined together = 666, "May First", and is also the Golden Ratio of 720. 2*360º circle ends up between the letters R and S. So 360 squared is 129600.
Taking the number 216000, which is the number 216 with three zero's added, then dividing 216000 by the number of 1.5, mathematically equals the number 144000. 144000 divided by the number 216 without the zero's, comes from the breaking down of 666 into 3 separate numbers, then multiplying them out 6*6*6 = 216, which then also equals the same. 144000/216= 666. Adding another 6 = 6*6*6*6 then = 1296, which is the multiplying of the first 10 digits of Pi as so represented from A Barbury Castle Crop Circle of Pi in June 2008, with zero's (3.141592654) - (3.*1*4*1*5*9*2*6*5*4 =129600), which is also the 360º circle squared. SO---
Here Is Wisdom, Let He Who Has Understanding, Calculate The Number Of Pi, For It Will Be The Number Of A Man, And His Number Is Six Hundred Three Score And Six, 666. 
666 Is My Birth Number!!
The 26 letters of our Alphabet is also interpreting to the 26000 year Precession of the Equinox, that comes from the Ancient Mayan Calendar Prophecies. So then each letter of the Alphabet represents a 1000 year period. In this "Alphabets Code" system, the total of the entire Alphabet is equal to 2106. Again, I am no Genius, but guess what happens when you take both these numbers of 26000 and 2106, and divide one into the other, say 26000 divided by 2106. I used a calculator that records up to 1 million digits of any calculation. The Answer Is Remarkable!! The first part of the answer is the 12 month standard year. Then all together and after the decimal, including the numbers 1 and 2, you see our current standard numbering system, Except, there are no 8's anywhere within the entire Infinite of numbers. (12.345679012345679012345679012345679012...), This is Remarkable. Now, here is another Fascinating Fact! Adding Remarkable to Pi becomes "Remarkable Pi", which is also the same as "Infinite Pi", and = 666.
So this Mathematically tells me that the Golden Ratio is not 1.6, but is in fact, and Exactly, the number of 1.5. Or the number of 5.1 or 51.
   I have recently discovered, as of 03/15/2012, that within our glorious and wonderful United States, there are, and I quote; 'Exactly 51 States'. That's Right! Not 50 as everyone believes. And 2 of these 51 states do equal the number 666. Research this information yourselves, and do the Gematria. This 51st state I am referring to was founded in 1982, with it's own Government and Laws, it's own Constitution, Police Force, Jail, post Office, and so on. Just like it is in any other State. The only thing different with this state is, You Absolutely, and Positively 'Pay No Taxes'. Why is that? The State of which pays no taxes is - The District of Columbia, DC. Where the the name was given Washington DC, and Washington DC has been made the Capital of the United States. So why does this State pays no taxes? Well first off, you have to understand, the United States is not a Country from the get go. The United States is Factually a Corporation. A "Corporate" conglomerate to the current world. So why does the word "Corporate" = 666 in Gematria? This 51st State 'DC' is actually called a City State, and by doing the proper research, basically controls all the worlds Military Powers. Again, do not take my word for it. Do Your Research. But none the less, DC is fully recognized as a full functioning State. So therefore, there are 51 States, not 50. Why is this kept secret from the people of the United States, let alone the World? Again, notice the number 51. This number 51 is there for a reason, as I explain in detail in other posts. This City State is connected to 2 other City States that are also very well known throughout the World. Vatican City State, in Rome Italy, which controls all of the worlds Religions, and the City State of London, in London England, which controls all the worlds wealth. And do Notice, like I said, there are only 3 of these City States! Why? Well it is obvious! Because this is the first number within Pi. And is the number of the 3 sided figure; You Know, the Triangle and Pyramid! You Know, which shows up on the back of the 1 dollar bill. So combining all 3 of these City States together, thus controls all the worlds Military forces, Currencies of all denominations, and all Religions. You name it, they control it. They create all of the Wars of the Earth through Chaos, create Famine and Disasters, and most of all, they create all the Lies upon Lies, upon Lies that hide you from the Real Truth. And when someone comes forward with the truth, say like me in find this Information, they call it Coincidence because it confronts the Truth. And when adding Pi to both these 2 Symbols - Triangle ▲ and Pyramid ▲, that truth is clearly visible on the back of the 1 dollar bill, also becomes none other than "Pi Triangle" and "Pi Pyramid", and mathematically become 666. Imagine that!! It is a Spiraling Golden Ratio Effect. Same reason why the "Pi Formula" was presented in a Crop Circle in 2008 using a Spiraling presentation. Like I said, Don't Take My Word For It!

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