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Rev. 13-18 "Here Is Wisdom, Let He Who Has UnderstandingCount The Number Of The Beast, For It Is The Number Of A Man, And His Number Is Six Hundred Three Score And Six"666. 
In 13-18's presentation, the word Count has another mathematical expression that indicates computations and Formulas. I'm just going to throw this out there, but I'm guessing this is why 13-18 has been changed to represent this new meaning.
Rev. 13-18 "Here Is Wisdom, Let He Who Has UnderstandingCalculate The Number Of The Beast, For It Is The Number Of A Man, And His Number Is Six Hundred Three Score And Six", 666. 
Now, I can justify that the word Calculate means to use a "Calculation", because in Ancient Gematria, "Calculation" is 666 which answers to 13-18's meaning. Therefore this means 'Snap Out Of The Zombie State and open your Eyes PEOPLE'!!
  In early 2008, Thursday April 3rd, a Dream/Vision/Visitation was given to me. And as you read on, you will fully Understand that this was in fact a Visitation, which has now become Biblical Prophecy. This Visitation will never be forgotten. 
  I had gone to bed late that night after watching a football game and then channel surfing. For some reason I just could not sleep. Thinking to myself, Insomnia again while glancing at the clock, I noticed the time was 3 am and thought, I need to go to bed or I'm going to have a really long and exhausting day ahead of me. A few seconds after getting into bed I fell asleep, and Immediately found myself being awakened to some unusual sounds and noises I never heard before, lying on a table, looking upwards and feeling cold. A split second later, 2 beings suddenly appeared on both sides of me. These beings looked exactly like those Alien's we call Grey's with the big black oval shaped eyes. They started doing something with their hands above me, which felt like for hours. Then all of a sudden they were gone and there was this flashing of bright lights on and off, over and over, slow and then rapidly increasing with speed. Then I saw some type of symbols or markings between the flashes that did not make sense.  I did not recognize them. They were transposing back and forth between the flashing. Then the flashing became Very Fast and intense, to the point of just seeing a constant bright light. At the moment the flashing became a constant bright light, I found myself sitting up in bed rubbing my eyes with tears running down my face. My heart was pounding as I was shivering from feeling cold. At this time, I felt sort of sad, scared and yet overwhelmed as to what just happened. Sitting up in bed within those last few seconds, I could still see the flashing of the symbols and markings, along with what looked like the outline of a Grey standing at the foot of the bed looking at me. As the flashing stopped and went away, so did the Grey. I looked toward my wife as she was moving around in bed half asleep, I guess from me sitting up. I started telling her what happened. She answered in a half mumbling voice your having a bad dream, go back to sleep. So I shook my head and sat for a few seconds trying to understand what happened. Thinking to myself this does not make any sense, I started to lay back down answering 'You know', your right, it's just a bad dream, and I went back to sleep. Instantly, It happened Again!! This cannot be happening!! The same exact thing! This time I noticed the symbols/markings were a bit more focused. But still did not recognize them or understand was being presented! So again, after sitting up in bed a second time, I simply went back to sleep. It happened a 3rd Time! Then a 4th Time! Come On!! 'What the Hell is going on here'? This is not right. All 4 of these Visitations in the same night!! What Is The Reasoning? Throughout my whole life I have never experienced anything like this at all, and have never heard of anyone else either. Thoughts were just racing through my mind one after another trying to figure this out. I can justify that at the end of the 4th Visitation, while catching my breath, and for some unknown reason, I Immediately understood there were 2 differences between these 4 incidents. At this point, I'm also thinking, Who the F--- cares, and Why am I thinking this way? First difference: The only time my wife said anything was after the 1st Visitation/Incident. She never said anything again. Second difference: At the end of the 4th Visitation/Incident, when I sat up in bed, I noticed there were no tears in my eyes. And within that last few seconds of sitting up in bed, all I saw was the outline of the bedroom, and the Grey was not at the foot of the bed looking at me. In my mind at that moment, I was thinking about our current Alphabet and Numbering systems. As this did not make any sense either! Again, What The F---!!!!!! Immediately after the 4th Incident, at the same time when I was thinking of our alphabet/numbers while noticing the Grey was not there, I was hearing the sound of the alarm clock going off at 6 am. Instantly, I shut it off, got up, thinking this was a bad dream, did my every day morning routine and left for work, and then realized, I felt wide awake. I mean, it's like I had slept all of 10 hours or more, I was not tired. I mentioned none of this to anyone at work. Even though I had good friends at work, It did not think it was something I needed to talk about.
  That night after work, I tried to put together all of what happened in my mind. These 4 Visitation/incidents took only 3 hours to complete. A couple of days later, I started doing this Gematria for some unknown reason and concluded in finding that On 4/3, April 3rd, which is the mirror image of 3/4, I divided 3 by 4 and got .75 Obviously!! And again I'm thinking Who Cares! Ya, I Know, We all do crazy things in our lives with math, it's natural, but Immediately following this Visitation/Incident, It just did not make any sense. This means that each Incident was exactly .75 hours in length, or 3/4 of an hour! Hmmm, .75!! I was doing Calculations with numbers I thought had no meaning. I told my wife that evening what I experienced. She remembered saying you're having a bad dream, but nothing after that. And when I told her about the other 3, she jokingly laughed and said, maybe "You Were Abducted". Of course I laughed with her and said, I don't think your funny! She, in more serious voice said 'I was dreaming', get over it "It Meant Nothing", and then added 'I don't want to talk about it any more'. There have been No other conversations between us about this. I've tried, but have eventually kept everything to myself. But more Importantly, the following day after, I found myself drawn to the Scripture of Rev. 13-18! Again I was thinking Why Am I Here? What Is The Purpose?? I'm starting to pull my hair out. From here on forward, this is where my whole life started to change from being good, to getting better! Keep in mind that before any of this happened, I never thought of the number 666, I never researched anything about it, anything related or connected to it, I cared less!! Every single day after this Visitation though, it's like there is no other choice but to do what I am doing. I have found myself on a mission of some sort doing Calculations to finding the Truth. What Truth?? Obviously the truth has concluded that This was Clearly a Personal Invitation To Prophecy by way of Visitation!! I Have Been Handed The Gift Of Wisdom!! My eyes have been opened to "A Pi Awakening".
Let me share with you a couple of quotes from the 3rd series of Alien Contacts, compliments of the History channel, and of course from other Scientist, Researchers, Historians, Scholars, and whoever they maybe from around the World. 
"A Visitation / Apparition comes to give some kind of Gift, To open ones mind, To lead us into a new Perception, Leading to a new Possibility, either of a new Artistic take on something, or a new Plan for Humanity. Often we are Trapped in some kind of thinking that needs to break beyond it's known Limitations; but we are caught, we are unable to see, to get a transcendent perspective, and that is what a Visitation ultimately makes possible."
  Now, lets say this were all True about Visitations and Apparitions. There would have to be additional evidence of alien contact throughout our history to prove so. Obviously there Is! So in finding these answers, we examine breakthroughs in the fields of Astronomy, Archaeology, Physics, and perhaps the most universal of all languages, Mathematics. And the only way we view Mathematics in our present time is just through Numbers and Letters, a non-communicating language of computations. This is the highest form of Intelligence we can ever achieve. So the question is, Could there possibly be a "Math Language" we are overlooking?
  From here on forward, you will see how I discovered the Wisdom and Understanding that solves said Prophecy of Rev. 13-18. I Know, I Know!! In the very depths of the back of your mind, you are thinking to yourself 'Is This Possible'? and if so, Get With It! History has always proved and provided us with all kinds of Failures due to this Scriptures many false and complicated outcomes. 
Answer: Time Is About To Change. Possible is here.
There's just One more Thing that needs to be Addressed and Understood before I go any further. Where does it mention in Rev. 13-18, or for that fact, Anywhere within the entire book of Revelations about the Anti Christ? Hmmm, I cannot seem to find Anti Christ Anywhere!! So if Anti Christ is not mentioned 'Anywhere' within the book of Revelations, How in the World does anyone get the Idea that it is? Don't you think there is something shady going on here? Anti Christ only comes out of the Old Testament! There is No connection to the book of Revelations at all.  
For many thousands of Years, and probably much much further, this has been the most common Understanding I believe to be true, or has been told is true. The truth to the matter is that Rev. 13-18 explains that it must be understood as a whole in order to solve said Prophecy. That is, by showing the Wisdom, the Understanding, the Number of the Beast, the Number of A Man, and what the Number is (666) all at the same time. When all this is done, Truth Prevails. But in order for this Prophecy to not become Failure, To Become Truth, This 'One' Individual that Rev. 13-18 speaks of in solving said Prophecy, must explain the Understanding that's behind the Wisdom using math ("Calculation"), and then must explain the Wisdom that comes from the Understanding using the same math. Sounds complicated? It is Not! The truth has been hidden very well.
Rev. 13-18 States: A Man will come, He will know this is His number, He will Understand that He is the 'One' to solve said Prophecy by way of Counting / "Calculation" with Math. It's That Simple. This Wisdom is not so hard to Understand. This person of course will just be an ordinary Man. A normal Man who has family. A Man who goes to work every day. A flesh and blood human Male who has every day issues just like every other human being on Planet Earth, etc, etc. 
The only difference is.. 
Of having Quality in such experience, knowledge, and good judgement; Of being Wise with Prudence, Justice, Temperance, and Courage. Unfortunately, As Rev. 13-18 States, God has limited only One person with this kind of thinking. So the thinking is, To discover this Wisdom through His own Understanding. And through my own experience in such Understanding, I have obtained this Wisdom.  
"Wisdom Man".
The ability to Understand something, of having the Comprehension through Insight and good judgement towards that Understanding. Being Sympathetically aware of other people's feelings; Tolerant and Forgiving. Which implies abilities and dispositions with respect to an object of knowledge to be sufficient enough to support Intelligent behavior, To where there is No Coincidence. 
"Time Has Come".
1) A striking occurrence of two or more events at any given time apparently by mere chance:
2) The condition or the "Fact" of coinciding.
3) An instance of this.
Synonyms: Accident, Luck, Fate.
(Everything beyond this point is absolute Truth. This is no Accident! There is no Luck involved! And most positively, the "Calculation" will show pure Fate)! 
"Time Is Come"
1) Something that unavoidably befalls an Individual; fortune; Lot:
2) The universal principle or the ultimate agency by which the order of things is presumably prescribed; the decreed cause of events; Time:
3) That which is inevitably predetermined; Destiny:
4) A prophetic declaration of what must be:
5) Death, Destruction or Ruin:
I could go on and on about (Wisdom, Understanding, Coincidence, Fate) but I don't need to. "Time Is Here".
All I need to do is show the number of that Man, and how His connection to this Prophecy is of course Prophecy. Here is where the Wisdom and Understanding begins.
In the verse of Rev 13-18, we see there are 3 Individual terms that indicate an Individual! HEA MANHIS. How do these reference anything else but an Individual? Do you see groups of people or all of mankind presented? Lets see. The word He represents a group of people or all of Mankind? No! The phrase A Man represents a group of people or all of Mankind? No! The word His represents a group of people or all of Mankind? No! So.....Where is this group of people or all of Mankind that is preached by so many people?
"Here Is A Wisdom", 
Let He Who Has Understanding Count/Calculate The Number Of The Beast, For It Is The Number Of A Man, And His Number Is Six Hundred Three Score And Six, 666
Simply saying these 3 terms in order starts to Explain. He-A Man-His, He-A Man-His, He-A Man-His! Do you hear the Understanding He-A Man-Is? Lets change these terms around from the original order and see if this can be understood another way. His-He-A Man, His-He-A Man, His-He-A Man. Is-He-A Man? Yes! A Man-He-His, A Man-He-His, A Man-He-His. A Man-He-Is! So this means without any doubts A Man-His-He, A Man-His-He, A Man-His-He. A Man-Is-He!
When looking at the Math of Rev. 13-18 from the very beginning of the verse, all we see are the numbers 13-18. There seems to be no other "Significant" meaning to anything else in the verse, other than it's connection to 666. But Wait...
Behind Rev. 13-18, there are 6 other numbers hidden within 13-18 that mean Everything to the Prophecy. What's that you say, 6 other numbers? Yes!
1st) There are the 3 Individual meanings to reference an Individual - (3) 
2nd) There is the adding of both numbers 13+18=31. (31)
3rd) The subtraction of 13 from 18 = 5. (5) or 18 from 13 = .5 (.5)
4th) The multiplying of 13*18 to = 234. (234)
5th) Plus 666 is shown as 3 Individual numbers multiplied 6*6*6 to = 216. (216)
6th) And 666 is shown as 3 Individual numbers added 6+6+6 to = 18. (18)
So the Question is:
How do these 6 numbers show a connection to Rev. 13-18 besides saying 666?
Well again, One must Understand the Math, and One must answer a simple question that pertains to that Math. 
When "Math Circles" are presented, what is the "Math Message" that comes forth?
Here is what I've learned since 2008 of how this Wisdom and Understanding has become Prophetic for Me.
(3) Is seen as 3 Individual terms to the Individual. This Is Self Explanatory!
(31) Can be seen as the first 2 numbers in Pi. Really!! This Guys Waco!
(5) Can be seen to equal the 5th month in the Gregorian calendar. You Don't Say!
(234) Is the 5th month in the Gregorian calendar by way of Gematria. No Way!
(216) becomes 6*6*6. Obviously!
(18) becomes 6+6+6. Grade School!
So the connection is All the Above!
When both the 666 break downs are presented together, 216+18 becomes 234. and 216*18 is 3888 The New Jerusalem.
Anyone care to guess what else "216 Equals"?
In religion 'Angel' = 234, and in Math 'Angle' = 234.
This comes from the Language of God through Rev. 13-18 Saying, 'The solving of said Prophecy will come from A Man By Way Of Math'! So this obviously means a language of Math has to somehow be presented by this Man. "A Math Language" = 666.
Gematria (6) and Sexagesimal (60) are 2 separate systems of Math languages used in assigning numerical values to words and phrases. Notice: 6 is "One Tenth 60"!
  Gematria is an attempt, or the belief that certain words or phrases with Identical Numerical values will bear some relation to each other, or bear some relation to the number itself as it May apply to a person's age, birth date, address, phone number, the calendar year, etc. It is likely that this term supposedly derived from the order of the Greek Alphabet by way of the Gamma symbol ( Γ ) being the 3rd letter. 
  Sexagesimal comes from Ancient Sumeria (modern day Iraq). They added the number 60 to their lettering system (6+0). Same as the number 6 but with a zero, in an attempt to find mathematical and spiritual meanings to words and phrases by 1/10th percent higher than that of Gematria. 
These 2 systems were supposedly comprised (Carbon Dated) around the same time period, between the 3rd to 6th millennium BC. I have to say though, even as our current Science claims them to be at least 3 to 6 thousand years old, I believe them to be Much, Much Older than what Carbon Dating claims. The Math below will explain it very clearly. These primitive cultures, of which our Science claims they were primitive, were Giving these systems of Math by a much "Higher Level" of Intelligence, to pass Information and knowledge on to the next generation, so on and so on, until finally, The Right Time Has Arrived! 
Science of today also claims the Big Bang happened all at once, from One particular center point within our Universe, and blasted outward like a wave on a pond, creating all Life as it expanded, which is still expanding. Is this Truth? Well, here is what I have also learned. Take Pi for example. Pi starts out in the same manner as the Big Bang, but starts out with the number 3, and for some unknown reason after the decimal is still expanding, still growing and growing, and has been proven to be mathematically Infinite. Could this mean that the "Center Of Pi" presents "A Pi Creation" which had been presented first by "Pi Sumeria"?
Inserting these 2 Math Languages (6 - 60) into our Modern Day Alphabet system Is, and has always been connected to the "Code Of The Bible". This was purposely done many millennium ago which shows the same exact reasoning when using our "Biblical Decoding" process.
(A=60 - B=120 - C=180 - D=240 - E=300 - F=360 - G=420 - H=480 - I=540 - J=600 - K=660 - L=720 - M=780 - N=840 - O=900 - P=960 - Q=1020 - R=1080 - S=1140 - T=1200 - U=1260 - V=1320 - W=1380 - X=1440 - Y=1500 - Z=1560). Or better yet, 6*60= 360, the Circle.
Firm Example: 'May' in Gematria (6) is M-78+ A-6+ Y-150 =234, and in Sexagesimal (60) is M=780 = A=60+ Y=1500 = 2340. Gematria= 234, Sexigesimal= 2340. Same outcome, only a zero has been added to strengthen the numbers power by 1/10th.
As our History has provided and the Future will prove, I have taken words, broken them down to match their corresponding numbers to our alphabet. I then added them up accordingly to search their Spiritual and Mathematical meanings among the numbers in today's society. As shown above, I then looked at the month of May and it's 1st day (May 1st) and noticed nothing stands out. Looking at 1st from another Angle though, the way 1st is spelled, I found that 'First' seemingly falls into it's own category of "Significant" meaning towards Rev. 13-18. 'First' = 432, the opposite of 234, an Exact Mirror Image. And I know all to well about Mirror Imaging, First (432) also explains to be the same number as the Cycle Number of Time. So Ethically, 13-18 in it's Mirror Image says 'I am the Cycle Number of Time'. So the phrases "First Angel" and "First Angle" both = 666. And when adding May to First  also explains the True Ethics behind the reasoning. "May First" is 666. The Prophecy begins to unfold!
There is yet another set of numbers that when mirror imaged produce 666. 135+531. These numbers are not seen within Rev. 13-18. Only when they are presented side by side and broken down (13-5-31) the connection is obvious. These numbers are much better seen on a clock face using "Clockwork" to decipher. 1:35 produces a 180° Straight Line at 1 and 7, and 5:31 produces a 31° angle at 5 and 31st minute. 180°+31°=211°. And 211 can be seen as 2-11's. Wow, I'm really on to something here.
These 5 numbers (111-222-333-444-555) are all seen on a clock, 1:11-2:22-3:33-4:44-5:55, but No 6:66. Why is that? This means the Only number on a clock that represents man has to be the number 6. And Incredibly, "Six O'clock" produces the Number Of That Man.
Now, is there a mathematical link between the 666 number and the modern 365 and 366 day calendars, that can prove all of what I'm saying to be true by math Only, No Gematria?? Of Course!
By using the 'First' number in Pi, because 13-18 explains to. 
365 / 3 = 121.666, "May First" Is day 121 in the standard calendar year, and in Gematria = 666. Day 121 Is 666.
366 / 3 = 122, And "May First" is day 122 in Leap Year. Both these formulas has presented "May Revealed".
The Prophecy is now beginning to Grow.
This explains why I have been seeing some of these 9 different numbers (1:01-1:10-1:11-10:01-10:10-10:11-11:01-11:10-11:11) almost every single day, but have never made the connection. Until Now! As I Said, The True connection will Only be done by 'One' Individual, which just happens to be Me. And I had to go way beyond the normal ways of thinking to get it. It Is Written!
These 9 numbers in "Clockwork" Time, changed to Binary Code encryption, then converted into Decimal Mode will definitely show part of the Explanation. 
Just for Reference, I put a decimal where time is separated from hrs. to min. (1:01=0001.0100)=.20, (1:10=0001.1000)=.24, (1:11=0001.1100)=.28, (10:01=0010.0100)=.36, (10:10=0010.1000)=.40, (10:11=0010.1100)=.44, (11:01=0011.0100)=.52, (11:10=0011.1000)=.56, (11:11=0011.1100)=.60
Adding all decimals together 20+24+28+36+40+44+52+56+60= 360, A Completed Circle.
11-11 also follows the same reasoning and decoding process as was done with Rev. 13-18 by Adding, Subtracting, Dividing and MultiplyingAs 11-11 is the most "Significant" number toward God when testing our spiritual connection.
Adding: 11+11=22, and 22 means Enlightened One. 
Subtracting: 11-11=0. 0 means Pi and 360 is evident. O is also the 15th letter of the Alphabet which also indicates Pi, and 15 is the mirror of 51. "Fifteen Of Pi" = 666
Dividing: 11/11=1, There is only 'One' Who Knows!!
Multiplying: 11*11=121. Multiplying has given me a direct connection to Day 121, This is done by "Calculation" through Rev. 13-18's to Calculate!
Adding all 4 answers together (22+0+1+121=144). Again a specific connection to Pi.
So being that the Universe started from a given Center Point and worked it's way outward, and Pi is at the Center of every Single Circle, Working it's way outward. What is supposedly located at the Center of Every Living creatures Brain on planet Earth? 
That's Right, The Pi-Neal Gland! Why is Pi added to this Gland?
So we now know this Area the of the Brain is called the Pi-Neal Gland because of it's Centeredness!
Research has proved this gland in the center of our brain is where our dreams and thoughts come from!
Research has proved this is where our True and Spiritual connection to God is!
Research has proved this part of the Brain is also called our Third Eye!
And the research proves there is a Pattern Here! Don't You kind of get the feeling there is something going on that the Elite people of the world are not telling us?? Yeah, they are not telling us everything.
360° is Pi, and 360° / Pi = 114.591...The 19th letter of the Alphabet in Gematria shows S to be 114. S is the only letter of the entire Alphabet that resembles the Spiraling - DNA rising twist, at which these letters DNA also =114. The letter S also falls in the right side middle of these 6 letters of the Alphabet "P-Q-R-S-T-U" that also = 666. Why is S positioned at this very specific location referencing DNA? Or for that matter, Why are all the Alphabet letters arranged the way they are?? P-Q-R = 306 and  S-T-U = 360. Why are these the only 6 letters in alphabetical order do this?
There are also 5 vowels within our alphabet, A-E-I-O-U. What is up with these 5 letters? Well A+E+I+O+U= 306, and I know what the rest of the Circle presents! If I take out the O that represents the Circle (360), I am left with these 4 vowels A+E+I+U= 216, which is 6*6*6.
This 306 and 360 will show up later at Stonehenge.
So now I present the "U.S. Of America", the most powerful nation on Earth today, the country in which I live, along with Canada, Mexico, and all of South America. Why is this section of the World located under these 6 letters of the Alphabet "P-Q-R-S-T-U" in alphabetical order using the current standard Time Zone Map? But on this map it is arranged like this "U-T-S-R-Q-P".
So why is the Alphabet arranged backwards from Greenwich? Is it because they did not think someone like Me would make the connection? Or is it because they know Greenwich is Exactly 31° West of the Great Pyramid? Or because 31 is found within Rev. 13+18? Or is this because 31 can be seen as the first 2 numbers in Pi from Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid?
Now, What happened at Roswell "New Mexico" back in July 1947 with this so called UFO crash, which supposedly back then, Aliens from another planet crash landed, and then was immediately moved to Nevada's Area 51 Top Secret Base for Cover-up and study? Is it because "New Mexico" = 666, and Area 51 answers to "May First" in Math?
Then on September 11, 2001 - 911 "New York" City, 54 yrs after Roswell. What happened here? Could it be that the World Trade Centers Twin Towers resemble the number 11 and "New York" = 666? Or could it be that 360/54= 6.6666666?
I have to ask, Why is it that "New Mexico" and "New York" are the only 2 States out of all 51 States within the U.S. that = 666Yes, You read correctly, 51 States! Washington D.C. 'District of Columbia' Is a State. Don't believe me, Look it up!!
Then we have the Pentagon, same day 911 incident. What happened there? Why target the building that indicates a geometric figure. Is it the connection to the powers of the U. S. Government? Or is it because there are 51 inner rings to the Pentagon structure, which now makes the Pentagon plural because of it's 51 interior layers. "Pentagons" = 666?
Well now, speaking of the U. S. Government, the most powerful Government in the World, with all it's abbreviated Agencies/Secret Agencies, as do other countries, but I'm focusing on the U.S. Government because of it's current world power, and because of letters "P-Q-R-S-T-U" that shows a connection. What do the abbreviations actually mean within each Agency? Is this to simply Identify an Agency without using all the words within that Agency? Here, let me show you what I found! In the Common U.S. Government of Abbreviations and Acronyms list, there are approximately 253 Agencies that are well defined in alphabetical order, some Important, some not. And out of these 253 agencies, there are 4 abbreviated agencies that are the most talked about then all the others combined. They are all over the World through the Media, they are in all the Newspapers, they are on T.V. and some have their own T. V. shows and some have their own T.V. networks. Isn't this Ridiculous! So Really, Are You Ready!!
Note: I did not go through all these 253 agencies just to pick out any 4. I'm just using the top 4 agencies of the world today that are in the U.S.
1) The National Aeronautics and Space Administration - N.A.S.A
2) The Federal Bureau of Investigation - F.B.I
3) The Central Intelligence Agency - C.I.A.
4) The Internal Revenue Service - I.R.S. 
Anyone care to guess what these 4 abbreviated Agencies all have in common? 
Answer: They are all connected to Lies, Thefts, Killings, Murders, Cover Ups, You name it, they are connected to it Right? Wrong! It's Even Better. N.A.S.A.=210, F.B.I.=102, C.I.A.=78, I.R.S.=276, and because they are all Intertwined and work together, they obviously all become one. (210+102+78+276= 666)?
Now, backing up a bit to our DNA structure, I found there are 4 major components that make up our DNA, at which current Science has claimed and verified to be a Molecule. These 4 components are, and mathematically become Adenine=312, Cytosine=660, Guanine=426, Thymine=564 = 1962. 1962! So if DNA is proven to be a Molecule, then adding Pi to the Molecule makes the "Calculation" complete. The "Pi Molecule" is 666. As does it's 6 Electrons - 6 Protons - 6 Neutrons. 666 Is "Perfection".
Is this our "DNA Thinking"? 
Is this our "DNA Education"? 
Is this our "DNA Measured"?
So what is up with these "DNA Numbers"?
Abbreviated DNA is A.C.G.T. =186. This number 186 unveils itself to be the "186 Sleeper" and shows up again further on as the "186 Answer".
And because Rev. 13-18 speaks of an Individual Man, and a Man is a Male, so the word 'Male' also =186.
1962-666 =1296. 1296 comes from the 4 - 6's or 36 squared. So adding 36 to 1962 = 1998, which is 3 times that of 666, and 1998 + 36= 2034. The number 234 Again, Only a zero is thrown into the mix. These 2 numbers 1962 - 1998 are both within the last 51 years of 2014, and 2034 from 2014, is 20 years into the future! From 1962 to 2034 is 72 yrs. And 360/72= 5. Adding 666+186+36= 888. And 666-186-36=444.
In the Phrase 'Six Hundred Three Score And Six' How do we as an Intelligent society determine what best describes this meaning? Is it 636 - 666 or 696? Each one of these numbers indicates a Three Score presentation within the 3 middle numbers. 636 presents three 1's, 666 presents three 2's, and 696 presents three 3's. All 3 numbers mathematically added together present 636+666+696= 1998. And 1998 / 3 says it's 666. And 636 is separated from 696 by the sum of what our History says is 'Three Score'- 60. Sexagesimal!
These 3 numbers (3-6-9) can also be arranged into 6 different numbers, 369+396+639+693+936+963=3996, at which all 6 added together = the same 3 numbers. Not that this means anything at all, Oh know, but the 3rd number in the sequence underlined Identifies My current address without the zero (6390)
So let me Reiterate a little:
234 is Rev. 13-18.
234 in Biblical text means Angel.
234 in Math text means Angle.
234 in the 12 month calendar year is May.
May = 234, and 432 = First, together becoming 666.
I have connected "May First" to Rev. 13-18, because Rev. 13-18 explains to. And knowing how to find it is quite simple.
Again, Rev. 13-18 also says 31, the First 2 numbers in Pi. 
Lets look into the Pi's digits and see what they have to say.
From what 'I' know and believe, Pi is Very, Very Ancient. Much, much older than our current Science gives credit to. I feel like I keep repeating myself over and over. When is the World going to catch on
Here's what is shown when current Pi is in it's current Math/Ratio form. is nothing less than (3.14159265358979323846264338327950...) and I only see Pi's infinite ability. So when I look at Pi, and the kind of shapes that Pi represents (Circle - Triangle), where do we find Pi's mathematical properties in Ancient form on Planet Earth? Hmmm, Does 'Stonehenge' and The 'Great Pyramid' ring any bells?
'Stonehenge' says Pi. And 'Stonehenge says 360 rendered in rock. The Great Pyramid says I am built from Pi, and I am an Ancient Global Positioning tool located at 0/360°. 
Lets look into some of Stonehenge's measurements to clarify some things.
Stonehenge has been roughly measured to be somewhere around 305.84 ft. in Circumference. Is this Exact? Probably! But could Exact mean closest to the nearest whole number, like maybe 306 ft.? Because 305.84 is a lot closer to 306 than 305. The Math confirms this to be so. Stonehenge represents 360°, So (360°+306 ft =666). 
Could this possibly mean that the Area Round Stonehenge is actually a "306 Zone"? 
Maybe it's because Circumference in Gematria = 738, and 738/ Pi = 234, and Round =432, the Cycle Number of Time? And I know Exactly what 234 + 432 = Huh. 
Or Maybe it's because our current Alphabet (presented earlier) presents the letters P-Q-R as 306, and S-T-U as 360?
Or is it because Pi=150, and Circumference= 738, together 'Pi Circumference'= 888, and 888* 3/4 of the Earths water in decimal mode (.75) =666?
Or does it mean that Rev. 13-18 refers to God, which then refers to Pi? This means that "God+Pi" = 306? 
Or is that "A Circle 360" = 666 from God? This is Justified. "God+Pi+360" = 666?
If the First 144 digits in Pi after the decimal = 666, and Pi represents 360, and 666 can be seen as 6*6*6 to = 216, then why does 216+144=360? It's because 360+144+216=720, the Triangle, and is twice that of 360. And twice that of 720 is 1440, Star of David.
Why does the inner horseshoe arrangement of stones within Stonehenge look like an Eye looking at a 51° angle?
The co-ordinance of 'Stonehenge' on Planet Earth is 51°-10'-42.352" North Latitude of the Equator. As Carl Munck proved in his video's, that when these said co-ordinance of Stonehenge are multiplied, the grid Latitude of said monument becomes 21600. As this is also done the same way by multiplying Stonehenge's outer 60 stones by it's 360° perimeter.
So why is the moon's Diameter of 2160 miles Exactly 1/10th of Stonehenge's Grid Latitude of 21600? Is it because "Latitudes" = 666?
Taking the number 234 again and adding Pi to each number separately, and then multiplying, I found that the numbers equal the same as (2╥*3╥*4╥ =744.150620...) 1/10th the Area of 'Stonehenge'. 7441.50620.../ 10= 744.150620... Anyone care to Explain!
So the number 234 and Pi make a direct connection to 1/10th the Area of 'Stonehenge'.
This Diameter of the 'Phase One' construction of Stonehenge has been estimated to have an Exact Diameter of 288 ft. Half that would make a Radius of 144, thus = Pi outward. And 144*3, the First number in Pi =432. Thus Radius = 432 - 144 = 288.
There are 9 numbers in our numbering system. (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9). Notice, I did not put any 0 (zero) in the sequence, because in number form, Zero means nothing. A Zero only expands a numbers meaning/power by way of 10's, 100's, 1000's and so on. Example: 144*9=1296, and 144*10= 1440. Drop the zero, and all we see is the number 144. Simple, Right?
Why do the 'First' 144 digits of Pi After the decimal = 666?
Rev. 13-18 is 666. And Immediately following Rev. 13-18 is Rev. 14-1, the 144000. Why again do we see (3) zero's added to 144?  This is a complete reversal.
So 14-1 = 144000 / 13-18's 666 = 216. Which is 6*6*6! Now I know what else "216 Equals"!
Because 666 can be seen as 6*6*6 =216, Why is 216 a 1/10th multiple of the moons 2160 miles?   
Plus, 6*6*6 =216 *6, the number of Man = 1296. and 1296+666, the number of A Man =1962, and 1962+999, = the reverse number of that Man =2961. Another complete reversal.
Of course these 3 numbers added all together 1296+1962+2691 = the same 4 digits again - 6219.
Back in June 2008, a couple of months after the Visitation/Incident, a Crop Circle appeared near Barbury Castle in England, and was called 'The Barbury Castle Crop Circle of Pi'. And what was found within the "Formation" was only a small portion of Pi's Infinite numbers, Courtesy to Astrophysicist Micheal Reed. This Crop Circle made headlines Round the World to be the most complex and mind-boggling Crop Circle to ever be discovered which was presented like this, (╥=3.141592654...). Rounded up at the 9th digit to 4 after the decimal, I then took the "First Ten" digits of Pi and multiplied 3.*1*4*1*5*9*2*6*5*4 =129600. And 1296 is a 1/10th multiple of 129600. All I knew at this point is that Pi was being presented within the parentheses by explain everything there is to know about Pi. And that is, We know Pi as a Symbol. We know Pi as a number and what Pi Equals, the Formula. And We know where Pi goes, Infinite. But what is not shown within the parentheses, and through Gematria, will better explain the Wisdom and Understanding that comes from the Math. Converting these 4 math symbols of Pi to word form, Reverse Gematria, these math symbols then become words (╥/Symbol) - (=/Equaling) - (3.141592654/Formula) - (.../Infinite) then turning those words back into Gematria ( Symbol= 516 ) - ( Equaling= 516 ) - ( Formula= 516 ) - ( Infinite= 516 ). And because all 4 of these "Pi Phrases" Explain what Pi is, all we need to do is go a little bit further by adding Pi back into the equation. This means that adding Pi back to each Individual math Interpretation presents "Pi Decoding Pi' and says "Pi's Behind Pi", and better Explains the Truth. "Pi Symbol", "Pi Equaling", "Pi Formula" and "Pi Infinite", all 4 of which Individual present the number 666. This is 4 times the connection to Rev. 13-18's Here is The Wisdom, Here is the Number Of The Beast, The Number of A Man, and of course what His Number is! Can Anyone, ANYONE Explain This????
Don't you kind of sense the Prophecy of Rev. 13-18 is getting Stronger??
So these 2 numbers, the 144000 from Rev. 14-1, and 129600 from Pi's "First Ten" digits, when put together, also reveal some very interesting outcomes.
144000-129600 =14400, 1/10th of 144000. And 14400- 1/10th of 129600 -12960 = 1440. And 1/10th of 19660 - 1296- 1/10th of 14400 - 1440 = 144. Each answer reveals a 1/10th multiple from the last answer.
Does it not mean anything to anyone at all that man was created on day 6, and when multiplied with the break down of 6*6*6 becomes 1296, the same number as the "First Ten" digits of Pi?
And the First 144 digits of Pi after the decimal =666?
So the Bible says Man was created "On Day Six", So does this mean "A Sixth Day" is when Man was created? Why do both these phrases equal the same number in Gematria? Is it because "May First" = 666 and 5+1 =6? Or is it because 5-1 =4, the 4 "Pi Phrases"?
I have also come to the conclusion that without Pi there is no Center of a Circle, and without the Circle, there is no Center to Life. And without the Center of our Brain, We fail to Exist!
Again the truth reveals itself by Explaining: "A Circle Is Life" and "Life Is A Circle".
As the 15th letter of the Alphabet so indicates which was confirmed earlier, O symbolizes Pi. This means "Fifteen Of Pi" = 666. And "A Zero Of Pi" = the same!
So what is the most obvious thing that can happen when we "Add Pi To Math"? 

"A Pi Awakening" occurs.
Now, lets take a peak into the Periodic Table of Elements and see what I found there. Why look, there are Exactly 118 different elements, and so far, are the Only elements known to Man. Out of these 118, Only One = 666 in Gematria when all the Elements are spelled in their full length word form and not abbreviated. But I'm not going to show you how I found it by using Gematria, No! I'm going to show you by using the 3 numbers that are connected to May and it's First. 5 - 15 - 51. (5 = May, 15 = First of May, and 51 = "May First"). Simple, Right?
So scrolling down to Row 5, then scrolling over to intersect with column 15, there we find Element 51 "Antimony", which is the One that = 666.
Why is this the Only Element out of all 118 elements to do this?? Easy! 666/118=5. Can Anyone Explain This? 

Why is it's Atomic Weight of 121.760 almost the same as 121.666?? 0.094 difference.
Is this Element actually "A God Particle"? Obviously. All Elements are.
Looking into Pi's sequence of digits, I typed in my birth date to see where it is located. The month and day and year I was born, 5-1-1962. There is only 1 decimal in Pi, so entering the date without decimals or hyphens was Ethical - 511962, Surprisingly, My birth date within Pi is at the Exact location of 121,386. Not that far off from the answer that "Antimony" provided, 121.760, and not that far from the answer "May First" provided, 121.666.
So here we have 3 - 121 numbers that come from 3 separate locations Identifying 666

(365 / 3 =121.666) ("Antimony" atomic weight =121.760...) (My Birth Date within Pi = 121.386).
So 121.666+121.386+121.760 = 364.812. This is really close to 365, don't you think?
Now, our current length of the year (Science Claims) is 365.25 days long.
In this system, I come up with an answer of 364.812 days long by using 3 Individual numbers I found being connected to 666. Is this accurate? So a simple 121 added together 3 times presents 363, 2 days short of 365. 365-364.812=0.188. Guess what happens when the difference between "Antimony" and "May First" is subtracted from 0.188? Lets see! 0.188-0.094=0.094, the same!!

And how long have we been keeping track of this time keeping of 365.25? And if this number is correct, how many tens of thousands of years back must we go before we get to 364.812 days long??
Taking these 3 121 numbers an Individually multiplying them by 3 is, 
121.666*3=364.998. Is this when "May First" was First introduced to the calendar system?
121.760*3=365.28. How far in the future is this year? Right now we are at 365.25.
And 121.386*3=364.158. How far back is this date, and what is it connected to?
  So then I did a search of the number 1296 (6*6*6*6) in the Pi sequence and found that 2341 answered. Well now, back on Sept 09, 2009, many people, as did I, saw this date as 3 upside down 6's, 09-09-09 or 9-9-9. And when I did a search from this date of 9-9-9 to "May First" it showed 234 days between both dates. 2010 to 2011 same thing. But from 2011 going into Leap Year of 2012, the number became 234 days +1 to equal "May First". Anyone Care To Explain!! Then I did a search of how many days there are in between "May First" of any year, and Dec. 21st. of any year. Wow, somebody is playing games with me, It's 234 days. Why is there a connection to Uranium 234? And being that 234+1=235, Why does it also show a connection to Uranium 235? So then I did a search of 2012 within Pi and 5126 answered. Care to guess what the Mirror Image of 5126 is? 62 the Year, 1 the Day, and 5 the Month. Then I found that 2012 from 5126 = 3114, the begin Year date of the Mayan Calendar. Will it never End?
Stonehenge presents itself as 360° and is Pi. Is this when Stonehenge was built when the Year was 360 days long?
360° / 3= 120°, the Triangle.
  Now lets look at Giza and what is presented there, the Triangle.
In Egypt, on the Giza plateau, a site well known all over the globe, specifically the Great Pyramid, there are 9 Pyramids total. 3 large Pyramids 1-2-3 in the middle arranged on a 51° angle. Again the number 51! Then there are 3 smaller Pyramids 7-8-9, bottom left pointing East to nothing, and 3 smaller Pyramids 4-5-6, top right pointing South to nothing. Now, these 6 small Pyramids 4-5-6 and 7-8-9 are aligned with nothing, but where their 2 imaginary lines intersect, there is obviously something. Yes! "A (0) Point Field". So why is the Great Pyramids slope angled at 51° - 51'? 
Is this because the 3 larger Pyramids are presenting a 51° angle? 
Or Maybe it's because 5-1 presents "May First"? 
Or is it because Stonehenge is located at 51° Latitude? 
Is that why the Crop Circle of Pi was also placed at 51°?
Any and all Explanations are Considered!!
Pyramids 4-5-6 and 7-8-9 can be mirrored from one another and added to form simple math. Just like Rev. 13-18's 234+432 = 666

So 456+654= 1110, and 789+987= 1776. Hmmm, Where have these 2 numbers pop up before? 
  So being that both sets of Pyramids point to something, and then point away from nothing, I then Noticed, nothing becomes something. 1776-1110= 666. To make things more clearer to Understand, throughout our whole entire language of Common Sense and Understanding within our own Alphabet, I have come to find there are only 2 words in all the worlds vocabularies of languages and teachings that best describe a 3 sided figure/structure. These 2 words are Pyramid and Triangle. Because a Pyramid and Triangle are built from the math of Pi, All that is needed, is to simply add Pi back to them and find that "Pi Pyramid" and "Pi Triangle" both = 666. Why Is This? Anyone having A Prophecy  Moment?
Well now, there is actually another shape elsewhere. Another shape that is in the Platonic World. A whole other dimension not known in this reality, that will better explain this 3 sided figure - The Tetrahedron:
In this World, the Tetrahedron in Gematria = 768, surpassing the 666 number by a total 102. It has no connection at all to Rev. 13-18! What is the Reasoning here? Is not this solid made up of Triangles that says Pi? There has to be an answer! There Is.

Now that we are in the Platonic World, lets look at all the Platonic Solids, and see what they have to say about whats happening. Notice there are only 5!
Tetrahedron= 768, Cube= 186, Octahedron= 702, Dodecahedron= 576, "Icosahedron"= 666
Hmmmm. There seems to be 1 of these 5 that = 666. Or does this mean that within the 5 there is 1.
"Icosahedron" = 666, which shows a direct connection to Rev. 13-18. What else could this Platonic Solid possibly say using math to better it's understanding and it's connection to the Prophecy? 

The word "Icosahedron" not only = 666, but it's shape is also Important. This solid has 12 vertices, 30 edges, 20 faces, all of which have 3 sides.
This makes the "Icosahedron" numbers - 12*30*20*3= 21600. The same number as Stonehenge! Adding the numbers 12+30+20+3= 65.
So 21600*65= 1404000. Why all the zero's? 360-144= 216.
Again, a Triangle presents itself at Giza in the form of a Pyramid, a Squared monument, and within Ancient Antiquity was at 0°/360° Longitude. So 360 squared= 129600, and Pi = (3.*1*4*1*5*9*2*6*5*4=129600).
The Earth, the Moon, as All other planets in Creation present 360° round, and also present Pi.
The Big Bang happened from one particular Center Point, working outward in the form of yet 'Not a Square', 'Not a Triangle', But a 360° Circle. Actually a 360° Sphere.
The Earth revolves around the Circular 360° Sun in the form of a 360° Circular pattern, as do All other planets in our solar System.
So, if the Earth revolves around the 360° Sun in a 360° pattern, Don't you think at our present distance away from the Sun, it should only take 360 days for this to happen?
Everything spins Round the sun at an equal distance. Example: Take a piece of rope and tie a object to the end of it and spin it. The object will always remain the same distance away form you, unless you pull it in or move it out. The closer the object is to you, the quicker it will revolve Round you; This means, the further the object is away from you, the longer it takes to revolve Round you. There's no Wobble, just Centrifugal Force.
So if the Earth does in-fact take 365.25 days to revolve around the Sun, which Science says is growing every year, This could only mean the Earth is moving farther away from the Sun as it rotates around it.
Of Course, this means that when Stonehenge was built using 360°, 360 days was probably the length of time it took for the Earth to rotate around the sun. Care to guess on how many hundreds of thousands or millions of years ago this was?
I don't recall anything, anywhere, that says 365 days is a complete Circle!?!?
Also within Pi's sequence of digits, I searched where the 666 number first shows up, and found out the first 6 starts at position 2440, the second 6 at 2441, and third 6 at 2442. Well, subtracting 666 from final said location of 2442, reveals this interesting number again. 1776!
"May First" 1776 was the birth of the Illuminati, and as I believe, also the United States, No matter what day is historically documented. Why is this date shown on the back of the US One Dollar Bill, within the Pyramid at the bottom in Roman Numerals - MDCCLXXVI? 1776! Again Why? Then I have to ask, When you Leave out the 3 letters M-C-X, Why does it become these 6 Roman numerals of "D-C-L-X-V-I" =666.
So History has provided that on "May First" 1776, the Illuminati was born.

Well History has also provided that 186 years later on "May First" 1962, I Was Born! 
Remember this number 186 coming from the 4 abbreviations to DNA that = "186 Sleeper". Here You Go!!
And Exactly 234 years after "May First" 1776, on "May First" 2010, is Exactly when I became known to This!!
Here is another Code I recently discovered within our Alphabet:
(A=6 - B=18 - C=36 - D=60 - E=90 - F=126 - G=168 - H=216 - I=270 - J=330 - K=396 - L=468 - M=546 = N=630 - O=720 - P=816 - Q=918 - R=1026 - S=1140 - T=1260 - U=1386 - V=1518 - W=1656 - X=1800 - Y=1950 - Z=2106). I call this the "Alphabets Code" system.
Here is how it works. In regular Gematria, adding A-6 to B-12 to get B-18, adding B-18 to C-18 to get C-36 and so on. Finally a grand total of 2106 is found. So What you say.
I then noticed while doing some research on the Internet about the number 2106, I stumbled across what scientist say the Age of our Universe/Galaxy is, approximately 13.7 billion years old. How this happened I do not know. But approximately is well, approximate. So messing around with 2106, I decided to subtract the number 13.7 from 2106, just to see what might occur. Low and behold an answer of 2092.3 was delivered. But this simple math problem shows No direct connection to the 666 number at all. So wait a minute, Hold on a second. Dividing 2092.3 by the 666 number defines Truth and Wisdom that comes from the Understanding. (2092.3/666= 3.14159159...), First 6 digits of Pi Exact. For what is the Purpose here??
This means for Pi to be Exact and the age of our Universe/Galaxy to be correct,  one must go beyond the normal limitations of thinking. To do this, I simply followed instructions. 666*=2092.300707, So 2106-2092.300707=13.699293. Then 13.699293 billion years old would be the Correct Age of our Universe/Galaxy. Very Very close to 13.7 don't ya think?
So In seeing the Formula correctly: (2106-13.699293= 2092.300707 / 666= 3.141592653...). This answer becomes Exact and beyond!
2106 subtracting 1440 Tetrahedron or Star of David = 666.
2106 subtracting 1/10th of 1440 = the 144 digits of Pi = 1962.
And 1962-666 = 1296, which = the 4 6's / 6*6*6*6 or 36*36.
Again, the "First Ten" digits of Pi multiplied = 129600.
As shown in Sexagesimal, 60*60*60*60 or 360*360= 129600. Does it really matter where the zero's present themselves? This is why the word 'Zero's' (plural) has more than one meaning. So this obvious, 0's pertain to nothing, which also pertain to 360.

Stonehenge numbers - 51°*10'*42.352"= 21600. 
Moons Diameter number 2160. 
The 666 number broken down, 6*6*6= 216. This is what "216 Equals"!
If Stonehenge's 60 stones *360° is also 21600, Again, what is the Reasoning here?

"Icosahedron" numbers are (12+30+20+3) =65, and is a 360° Circular shape using Triangles, which is Pi. So 65*360= 23400. The 60 outer stones of Stonehenge * 15 inner stones of Stonehenge * 2 displays of Stonehenge =1800. So 23400 - 1800 =21600 . Again the number 234 in a 1/10th level circles back to Pi and Stonehenge and means "A Pi Circular" = 666.
So in Logical Ethical terms, the "Icosahedron" is a 360° "Pi Pyramid" built from the "Pi Triangle" showing It's "Pi Surfaces" as "Add Pi To Math". Understand?
With that said, Here is more of the Understanding using Pi's numbers with Pi: Instead of 3 on the left side of the decimal, lets put the 3 on the Right side, because of the 51° Right triangle at Giza. So because there are 4 666 numbers within Pi itself, moving the 3 over 4 different decimals places ( 3/4 ) will again solve said Prophecy. Math does not Lie and shows the "First Ten" digits of Pi to equal-
1st) 129600 - .3= 129599.7 / Pi= 41252.86576.
2nd) 129600 - .03= 129599.97 / Pi= 41252.9517.
3rd) 129600 - .003=129599.997 / Pi= 41252.96029.
4th) 129600 - .0003= 129599.9997 / Pi= 41252.96115.
Just by looking at the 4th and final answer from said "Calculation" shows Truth. Turning that answer upside down and looking at it from another Angle, specifically Identifies the First 6 digits of the Prophecy, 511962. The Month - Day - Year I Was Born!! So being that 5-1, the Month and Day I was born is "May First", and = 666, and 1962 is the Year I was Born which shows 1296+666, and 511962 / 666= 768.711.., which = the same number as the Tetrahedron (768) in the Platonic World. This means 365 has to be in the equation - 511962 / 666= 768.711../ 365 days= 2.106.. Does it really matter where the decimal is?

Looking at the First 3 numbers of 1 - 2 - 3 in reverse Gematria, I find that (One-Two-Three) = 888. And because the above equation of 3/4 found 511962 by Pi divided by Pi, lets see what happens when we give 3/4 back to 888 in decimal mode.  888 * .75 = 666.
2106-1440= 666. The Star of David is 2 - 360° Triangles opposite each other, one triangle overlapping the other triangle to form the Star. This is obviously known as 360°*2= 720° *2= 1440°. How come only 1440°? Is there not 4 sides to this 3-D shape? 3 sides and a bottom. Then this would make it 720°*3= 2160, the Diameter of the Moon, which is 1/10th of 21600, and 720°*4= 2880, 1/10th of Stonehenge's 288 ft. Diameter.

Does anyone get 'It Does So Compute'?
The Great Pyramid shows us 4 sides also, each side presenting a Triangle. And a Triangle presents 120°*3= 360°. So 360°*4 sides = 1440°, the same number as the Star of David Again the 3-D 1440 Tetrahedron. So the Great Pyramid has 4 sides we can see, and a 5th side we cannot, the bottom, plus it's Apex. All of these 6 references point to the Pyramid as being 6*360=2160, the Moon and 1/10th of Stonehenge.
AgainRev. 13-18 says these 6 numbers, 3, 5, 18, 31, 216, 234.
13-18 mentions 3 times of an Individual.
13-18 also says 5. Month 5
13+18 says 31, First 2 numbers in Pi.
13*18 says 234. 234 says May, month 5.
1st of May says "May First" = 666.
13-18 says 6*6*6 is 216. And "216 Equals" 666
13-18 says 6+6+6 is 18. And 216+18 says 234.
So 6*6*6= 216, * 6 the number of Man = 1296, 1296+666 the number of A Man = 1962. 
1962+ 999 the reverse number of that Man = 2961, which is 1962 upside down.
Pi says 129600 / month 5 = the Precession of the Equinoxes 25920. 
Now the First 144 digits of Pi says 666.
Rev. 14-1 says 144000, and the 144000 / 666= 216, which is 6*6*6.
First 36 numbers added consecutively in sequence = 666. 144 / 36= 4.
Pi = 36 *10 = the Gematrian wheel of 360° (0/36-72-108-144-180-216-252-288-324-360/0), Then 36*36= 1296. 360*360= 129600, and 129600*2= 259200. A 1/10th multiple (25920) of the Precession of the Equinoxes.
234 says Pi - So 2╥*3╥*4╥= 744.150620.. 1/10th the Area of Stonehenge.
Stonehenge actual Area is 7441.50620...
Pi says 666.
666 says the number of A Man
5-1 says the number of A Man = 666.
Just to see if things can become a little more interesting, I also did a Google Earth search of my address (6873) where all this took place, Low and Behold, when I zoomed in to within a thousand feet from the ground, I noticed something; My address is right in the middle of, and on the Right Side of, get this, a "Pi Symbol" angled at 36°. If that don't stand the hair on the back of your neck, then Maybe this will.
There is place on the Internet called the Pi Search Page of ( 200 million digits ), a place to go and sort of ask Pi questions. And asking a question means by inputting specific numbers into the search bar to find where those numbers are located within the Pi sequence. There are many other web pages out there as well that have billions or trillions of digits if you have larger numbers to input. That's Not Necessary. Who would of thought that entering a number would be asking Pi a simple question to get a direct answer in return. 
So I asked Pi a question! Where is my address of 6873 located within your digits? I entered the 4 digits and pressed enter. In .0 seconds, Pi answered. Your 4 digit address is located at these 4 positions 917-918-919-920. I said Hmmm, you mean all I needed was the first thousand digits of Pi to do this? Pi did not answer me because I did not input any numbers to search. I thought to myself Pi, I do not see any connection to Rev. 13-18, to 666, or Me. All I see is that my address of 6873 is located at these 4 positions. Pi, there just has to be a mathematical connection! So I kept looking and searching, cross referencing these 4 numbers with other numbers. Got my Calculator out and starting calculating numbers. Subtracting, Adding and Dividing, Multiplying, and then Finally, 1 Hour later. One little hour out of a life time of living, I saw the Wisdom behind the Answer. I found what No Other 4 numbers in Pi's sequence of digits can do. Theses 4 numbers can be separated and shown as 917 becomes 9-17, and 9*17= 153. 918 becomes 9-18, and 9*18= 162. 919 becomes 9-19, and 9*19= 171. And 920 becomes 9-20, and 9*20= 180. So now there is Reason to believe there is a connection to the Prophecy! ( 153+162+171+180= 666 ). 
So in Conclusion:
Because "A New Age Comes", has "God Created A Man" or has "Man Created A God"?
Here Is Wisdom, Let He Who Has Understanding
I Am the He Who has Proven the Wisdom behind the Understanding, and have also Proven the Understanding that's behind the Wisdom.
Count/Calculate The Number Of The Beast
I Am the He Who has shown and Proven that the Number of the Beast is Pi (╥) and have done so by way of said Prophecy's to Count or Calculate.
For It Is The Number Of A Man
I Am the He Who has proven that the Number of A Man is the Month - Day - Year He was born.
And His Number Is Six Hundred Three Score And Six
Finally, I Am the He Who has proven His Number to be "My Number" of 5-1-1962, which is 666.
'I am' the Individual of which Rev. 13-18 is speaking of showing Wisdom and Understanding. 
'I am the He Born on 5-1-1962. "May First" is "The Birth Of" "My Number".
Therefore "I Am Born For" and "I Am The One Of" 'Six Hundred Three Score And Six', 666.
There Is No Anti Christ Here! There is only an ordinary down to Earth human being doing Math.
Everything has been done in accordance to what Rev. 13-18 Prophesies.
Rev. 13-18 has been Prophesied.
If there is Anyone out there who can step up and challenge Mathematically that all the Math I have presented is wrong, Well............?  
I have brought forth and put together a blog that explains Pi and shows Pi to be the number of a Beast. Phrasing it out correctly indicates "Pi And A Blogger" = 666.